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Do You Need Tire Repairs?

Get help from our local tire shop in Flint, MI

Whether you need to patch a hole in your tire or order a completely new set of tires, Budget New and Used Tires can take care of it. Our local tire shop carries both new tires and used tires from several different manufacturers. We have exactly what you need, no matter what kind of car, truck or SUV you drive. In addition to installing new tires, we can repair your existing tires.

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Don't break the bank to replace your tires

It can be hard to find quality tires in your budget. We make it easy. Our discount tire services will save you a lot of money while also keeping you safe on the road. We offer affordable prices for:

  • New tires
  • Used tires
  • Tire rotation services
  • Flat tire patches
  • Tire inspections

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What makes Budget New and Used Tires right for you?

Our fast, friendly service is sure to impress you. We provide personable customer service while swiftly and efficiently changing tires. It's important to us to forge lasting bonds in our community and help the drivers around us. We offer free estimates. We also offer 10% discounts to veterans.

Peace of mind is priceless

Tires that lose air fast or are simply worn-out are dangerous to drive on. Thankfully, you know where to get discount tire services. At Budget New and Used Tires in Flint, MI, you can purchase new or used tires at a discount instead of paying full retail for them.

Our local tire shop also provides a wide range of services to help keep you safe on the road. If your tires are in good condition but one of them has a slow leak, we can fix it to help you save money. We can also balance your tires to keep them from wearing out unevenly.

Visit our tire shop today to find out how we can help you drive safely.