Fix your tire fast before the problem gets worse

Did you drive over a nail in the road? We can remove the object and seal up the hole in your tire. Our tire repair services can get you back on the road safely. Tire repairs are helpful for dealing with nail punctures, rim leaks and valve stem leaks. We will:

  • Patch leaks
  • Clean the rim of your wheel
  • Repair and rebalance your tire

Let us know right away when you need tire repair services in Flint, MI.

Here's why you should bring your damaged tire to us

You shouldn't head out to buy a new tire without taking your damaged tire to us first. We provide tire inspection services because we want to help you out. If your tires are able to be repaired, you'll save money by avoiding the need to buy a new one. We work quickly, so it'll just be a short trip to find out if your tires are able to be saved.

Tire repairs are easy when you come to us. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our tire inspection and tire repair services.