Replace damaged or deflated tires

In many cases, it's a good idea to buy used tires if you aren't planning to replace all your tires. You can get a gently used tire that is already as worn as your other three tires. This gives your car better balance. We work with five different tire warehouses to make sure we always have tires that can fit every vehicle.

Buy used tires for great prices today in Flint, MI.

Can't afford new tires?

That's OK - you can buy used tires from us. We have used tires for sale to give our customers more options that fit their budget.

You might have heard that driving on used tires isn't safe. That's certainly the case with old, worn-out tires. But the tires we sell are...

  • Less than five years old and in good condition
  • At least 50% less than the retail price of brand-new tires
  • Labeled with their manufacture date, to give you peace of mind
Our installation services include rim cleaning, balancing and rotating - free of charge. So if you want more bang for your buck when you purchase used tires, buy them from Budget New and Used Tires in Flint, MI.